Choosing a Medical Aid in South Africa




Cape Medical Aid

Living in a vast and busy country like South Africa has its own challenges. When it comes to health services, South Africa has so many medical aidproviders that one would need to work around finding or settling for the ideal service, one that suits their needs best.

Cape Medical AidFounded in 1961, Cape Medical Aid is a leading medical scheme with branches throughout the country. It was established in Cape Town where its head office is still housed, but its area of service provision covers the whole country. Enjoying high customer satisfaction, this medical scheme prides itself in its long record of service provision that is guided by prioritising clientele communication.  

What is medical aid?

This is a convenient facility that enables one to pay for medical service, such as treatment, that they would otherwise be unable to pay for at short notice, when they fall sick or are involved in an accident.

In other terms, this is a health insurance subscription one can contribute to periodically, for instance monthly, to cover their medical costs in case they fall ill or are involved in an accident.

Like many medical schemes, Cape Medical Aid has an array of health insurance products available for one to choose from as may be suitable, such as considering the budget or the needs.

This scheme provides both the closed and the open health insurance scheme. A closed scheme is one that is designed for a target, such as a firm, industry or trade; whereas as an open one scheme is open to the general public. Therefore, individuals as well as entities, such as companies, can seek health insurance services from Cape Medical Aid, which offers three basic plans for one to choose from. These are:

  • the HealthPact Premium Plan –an option that caters for clients with a healthy lifestyle and do not necessarily require frequent doctor visits. With unlimited hospital cover and the freedom to choose a preferred hospital, this plan allows the client to take care of their daily medical expenses on their own. It also has a provision for maternity, emergency ambulance as well as post mortem services.
  • the HealthPact Silver Plan –a medical savings plan that accords the client the freedom to manage expenses for out-of-hospital medical needs such as visits to the eye doctor or the dentist, among others. Under this plan, the client is entitled to unlimited hospitalization, though with limits and a requirement for approval before undergoing a medical procedure elsewhere.
  • the HealthPact Select Plan – the most expensive package, and providing comprehensive cover, this one takes care of all hospital plan benefits, including the treatment of chronic conditions. On top of it, subscribers to this plan have the liberty to go to their preferred general practitioner or hospital as well as manage their out-of-hospital medical expenses usinga medical savings account.

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What is a hospital plan?

This is a medical scheme’s plan that provides for hospitalisation cover in case the client has to be admitted for in-patient treatment.Hospital plans vary from package to package. A hospital plan can be comprehensive or restricted. The comprehensive plan accords to the client unlimited cover for in-patient treatment whereas the restricted one has conditionality.

For instance, Cape Medical Aid’s HealthPact Select Plan has a comprehensive plan that enables the client to be admitted to a hospital of their choice for any treatment regardless of the length of admission. Therefore, it goes to say that it is important that before choosing a medical scheme, one must examine or evaluate the products offered, such as the type of plans and other savings covered. © Medical Aid Plan