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Discovery Health Medical Aid Meets Your Personal and Financial Needs

Discovery health medical aid has a total of 21 medical aid options to choose from. Coming from one of the largest of the medical aid schemes in South Africa this wide array of medical aid options will allow you to find affordable medical aid that suits your personal needs.

Discovery health medical aidThe premiums at Discovery vary as the seasons; below we are  looking at their cheaper plans and hospital cover options. 

The Saver Series: This series include unlimited hospital cover at private hospitals or network hospitals for the Delta options. A medical savings plan covers your day to day costs. Chronic medication cover is included. Emergency medical cover for 90 days or up to R5 million when travelling abroad.

The Classic Saver: Annual savings account from R5436. Premiums start from R1814 per month.

The Classic Delta Saver: Annual savings account from R4344. Premiums start from R1449 per month.

The Essential Saver: Annual savings account from R2592. Premiums start from R1442 per month.

Essential Delta Saver: Annual savings account from R2064. Premiums start from R1152 per month.

Coastal Saver: Annual savings account from R4284. Premiums start from R1428 per month.

The Core Series: The Core series are hospital plans with unlimited cover in any private hospital or network hospitals for the Delta options. Essential chronic diseases cover is provided. Emergency medical cover for 90 days or up to R5 million while travelling abroad.

Classic Core: Premiums from R1350 per month.

Classic Delta Core: Cover from R1081 per month.

Essential Core: Premiums from R1160 per month.

Essential Delta Core: Cover from R927 per month.

Coastal Core: Premiums from R998 per month.

The Key Care series: The key care series are a network type plan where your contributions are calculated according to your monthly income.

Key Care Benefits:

• Unlimited hospital cover at the Key Care network of hospitals.

• Helicopter and ambulance cover in an emergency.

• Specialist cover in the network.

• Antenatal and gynaecologist cover available in the network.

• GP, Pathology and Radiology cover included.

Discovery health medical aid also has more expensive comprehensive plans available:

The Executive plan: This is a high end comprehensive plan with the most complete cover available in the Discovery scheme.

The comprehensive series: A series of comprehensive plans, some with saving accounts some with day to day cover.

The Priority Series: Another comprehensive series with day to day cover provided by a medical savings account.

Discovery medical aid also provides a well established rewards program to promote healthier living. The rewards program includes; travel, mobile lifestyle, Discovery Mall and Discovery Miles rewards.

For a medical aid quote at Discovery health medical aid you can visit their website or contact your medical aid broker, who will assist you to find a plan that suits your needs and your pocket.

Please note that it is against the law to belong to more than one medical aid scheme at at time in South Africa. © Medical Aid Plan

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