Choosing a Medical Aid in South Africa




What is the Cheapest Medical Aid?

It is always a struggle to make financial ends meet; to help you in this regard you could consider purchasing the cheapest medical aid.

What is the Cheapest Medical AidMedical aid in South Africa is a necessity these days, as our public health care system are not operating on par. The first option to consider when looking for affordable medical aid is a hospital plan. Though this plan has its drawbacks and you will only be covered for in-hospital care. There is however other cheap medical aid schemes available that will cover some of your day to medical expenses.

It is inevitable that in life you will fall ill or have an accident that will require medical treatment. To ensure your loved ones receive the best medical services available you will need a medical aid, to help you cover the costs.

When considering a medical aid cost is always a big factor, you should however consider the benefits the costs cover. You might decide on the cheapest option and still sit with a lot of costs to cover as the benefits of the cheaper plans may not cover all these costs.

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As with everything in life cheaper is not always better and you have to know what you are letting yourself into and if there will be additional costs involved. Let us have a look at the risks and benefits involved in acquiring the cheapest medical aid.


  • You will be covered for consultations and hospitalization.
  • Your basic medical needs will be covered.
  • Cheap medical aid is viable an option for a very healthy person, that rarely visits the doctor.
  • Heath care available will be better than that received in the public sector.
  • This cover is usually combined with a network of practitioners that you will be able to consult.


  • You may not have always have specialist cover.
  • The cover you receive may only cover up to 80% of the costs involved and you will be liable for the rest in the form of co-payments.
  • The possibility of poor services and claims pay outs.
  • The amount of doctor’s visits may be limited per year.
  • Medication cover will be limited.
  • Claims will be scrutinised and only be paid if the fund feels the claim was necessary.
  • Extended periods of waiting times before you are allowed to claim.
  • Only your very basic medical needs will be covered.

In the end a medical aid that will cost a bit more might save you a lot in future, you will receive better benefits, better service and in essence better medical care. The co- payments will be less and you will be covered for more procedures and specialities.

When you acquire medical aid quotes, make sure that all your basic needs are met, that you are comfortable with the waiting period and exclusions and that you are covered where you need it most.

So what is the cheapest medical aid?

A medical aid broker will be your best bet to ensure you receive the cheapest medical aid that will benefit you the most. © Medical Aid Plan


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