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One Plan Hospital Plan



It seems as if a bunch of wealthy investors decided that serious changes were needed in the medical aid scenario.


One of the biggest advantages of this company is the fact that they have, from the very beginning, opted to simplify their systems and procedures by using the latest technology.One Plan Hospital Plan


Simple and straightforward does not imply backwards, however! The company enjoys the highest customer satisfaction rating of all medical schemes.


What Hospital Plans Do They Offer?


There are two hospital care plans in the range offered by the One Group of companies. They have been designed to suit the needs and budgets of very specific target groups. These are called the Oneplan range. They offer tremendous benefits and the company is of the opinion that they simply cannot be matched by any other scheme.


1.  The Executive Hospital Plan offers many unique benefits at truly affordable rates:

·         In cases of accidents hospital treatment up to the value of up to two hundred thousand rand per incident is provided. When hospitalization is necessary because of a disease, the limit is forty thousand rand per event. In the latter case there is an annual limit of a hundred thousand rand per family, however.

·        The plan includes cover for emergency treatment at any suitable medical facility.

·        In case the principal member becomes disabled disability cover of up to a hundred and thirty thousand rand is provided.

·         Forty thousand rand of cover is provided for either natural childbirth or emergency caesareans.

·         The plan makes provision for emergency transportation to a suitable treatment facility.

·         Members are able to claim an amount of up to a quarter of a million rands if a dread disease is contracted.

2.  The Elite Hospital Plan. This plan is basically the same as the Executive plan, but the amounts that can be claimed differ in many instances:

·        Cover of up to three hundred thousand rand is provided in case of accidents but the annual limit is half a million rand per family each year. Members are expected to pay a contribution of five hundred rand for every incident.

·        When members have to be hospitalized due to illness cover of up to seventy five thousand rand is provided for each instance of hospitalization but there is an annual limit of two hundred thousand rand.

·         Members are able to claim up to four thousand rand each time emergency treatment is necessary. Treatment can be obtained at any suitable facility.

·         Members are able to access round the clock emergency assistance. In true emergencies transport to the nearest suitable treatment facility is also included as a benefit.

·        In case a dread disease is contracted, members can claim an amount of up to two hundred and fifty thousand rand.

·        Members enjoy full cover for both natural and emergency childbirth.


The One Plan Hospital Plan range is certainly affordable. The terms and conditions are clearly stipulated and the company pride itself of its efficient service and open communication channels. Members are able to purchase a wide variety of other insurance products from the same company, thus enabling them to simplify their insurance portfolios.





Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.