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Which Are the Best Medical Aids?  

It is an unfortunate fact that medical aid services are extremely expensive.

There are very few people that can afford to pay for treatment from their own pockets. Even an ordinary visit to a GP can cost several hundred rand, medication not included.

Hospital treatment is even worse, cost wise. Private hospitals and the attending surgeons and specialists can cost a small fortune. For example, a heart bypass can cost up to half a million rand! Choosing the Best Medical Aids

The only solution for people that do not want to be at the mercy of the public health system is to become a member of one of South Africa's good medical aids.

There are many fine medical aids in South Africa and they all offer a variety of plans that are designed to suit the needs and budgets of just about anybody. 


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How to choose the best possible medical aid plan 

It would be mischievous to state that there is a single best medical aid plan. The best plan is different for every person; one that suit their unique needs and one that can be afforded. There are a few important factors to keep in mind when evaluating the various plans on offer: 

  • The first consideration should be the amount that is available for medical cover. When reviewing the budget, it is vital to remember that good health is the single most important asset that any person has. It would therefore be foolish to argue that there is not enough money to pay for comprehensive cover while the family enjoys luxuries such as regular holidays, expensive meals at restaurants and other luxuries. Medical cover should be paid before any such luxuries can be considered.
  • In order to choose the best possible medical aid plan it is recommended that every member of the family is scheduled for a thorough medical assessment. This assessment should be conducted by an experienced medical practitioner and should include the family’s medical history. In this way latent conditions can be identified and care could be taken to choose a plan that will cover the treatment for such conditions.
  • It is advisable to only deal with medical aids that have a long history in the country. There are schemes that offer fabulous benefits at almost unbelievable rates but they rarely honour their promises.
  • It is often very difficult to compare the various medical aid plans. One excellent solution to this problem is to engage the services of an independent medical broker. These professionals are able to explain the various benefits and shortcomings of the various plans in clear language and they can help select the plan that will best suit the needs of the family.
  • It is always wise to obtain several quotations from different schemes. There are some excellent websites that collect the relevant personal information only once and then produce a number of quotations. These quotations are in a standard format and therefore easier to compare with each other.
  • Experts agree that it is best to choose a plan that can be upgraded or downgraded when circumstances change. 

Why medical aids are so important 

All South Africans have full access to the public health system. The sad truth, however, is that this system is seriously overburdened, resulting in long waiting times and a restriction on the types of treatments and medication that can be supplied.

For quality health care there is no option other than to use the private health system, which is very expensive and only readily affordable to those that are members medical aids. © Medical Aid Plan