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Affordable Medical Aid Quotes

Affordable medical aid quotes are now available to South Africans right here on this website.

Simply complete the comprehensive form below this text to get affordable medical aid quotes for comparison. You will receive a comparative medical aid quotation by return email so you can find the medical scheme that offers the best benefits for the least money.

If you decide to ask a consultant to phone you, he or she will further assist you to find cheap medical cover and affordable medical aid quotes.

Our medical quotation system is so advanced that it is used daily by hundreds of South Africans looking for cheap medical cover.

Hospital Plans vs. Affordable Medical Aid Quotes

Many South Africans are opting to take out hospital plans these days rather than joining a fully-fledged medical aid scheme. There are pros and cons to this line of thinking.

Affordable Medical Aid QuotesPros of choosing a hospital plan quote over an affordable medical aid quote: 

  • Hospital plans are really inexpensive.
  • They prevent you from having to pay any or all of the costs of hospitalisation, which is a large and growing component of medical costs where serious diagnostics or other procedures are concerned.
  • There are dozens to choose from. These are offered by the medical schemes as well as insurance firms.
  • If you can’t afford full medical aid at least you can enjoy hospital cover.

Cons of choosing a hospital plan quote over an affordable medical aid quote: 

  • Lots of heavily advertised hospital plans are offered by insurance firms and not medical schemes. This means you receive the bare minimum cover in most cases, whereas hospital cover from medical schemes includes a wide variety of treatments. This is because the schemes must comply with the Medical Schemes Act, which has a long list of Prescribed Minimum Benefits that medical aids must supply to all members, even if they are buying hospital cover only. So it is better to get affordable medical aid quotes from a scheme such as Discovery or Genesis than it is to take out a dirt cheap hospital plan.
  • Many people who take out hospital plans and who land up in hospital are later saddled with huge bills they were not expecting. Hospital cover sounds great, but you must be very sure what you are buying, i.e. what is covered when you take out a hospital plan. These plans typically cover a portion of the hospital bill only. They typically do not cover the cost of doctors, specialists and medicines. They certainly do not include a medical savings plan or dental cover. Nevertheless thousands of South Africans have hospital plans from Cientele, Sanlam and Liberty and are perfectly happy with this level of health cover. However, until a hospital plan is tested, i.e. when you institute a claim against it you will never really know if it is sufficient medical insurance or not. Again, we recommend getting a hospital plan from a fully-fledged medical aid rather than an insurance company. They are obliged to give a lot of cover in terms of the Medical Schemes Act.