Medical Aid Plan - Momentum Medical Aid With Hospital and Health Plans

Momentum Medical Aid With Hospital and Health Plans

Momentum medical aid has a wide range of plans that cover your needs.

Momentum medical aidBenefits

What makes Momentum Health Medical Aid Schemes different from other medical aids?

· There are 50 specialised treatments or procedures performed in doctor’s rooms, out-patients, or at day clinics that are paid for.

· Use certain providers and your monthly payment is decreased up to 35%.

· You receive discounts when using doctors, pharmacies or hospitals suggested by Momentum Health.

· Get paid R5.400.00 for having an assessment of your health for free.

· MRI/CT scans are paid for when in the hospital or out the hospital.

· You are covered internationally while travelling. This includes R6.1 m emergency cover, consisting of R12,000.00 for dentistry, R12.300 for optometry, and R610.000 for terrorism cover. There is a co-payment.

· Benefits are available for preventative care measures, such as pregnancy scans and the health assessment.

· When discharged from the hospital, prescribed medication for 7 days is taken home.

· There are also benefits that are not directly health related, for example, smartphone benefits, and discounts at more than 30 providers such as Garmin, NuMetro, and Virgin Active.

Hospital Plan

Momentum medical aid has a hospital plan. When using specialists suggested by Momentum health, you receive full cover while in hospital. There is no limit annually for private hospitals, with the exception of Ingwe. The medical aid includes trauma benefits and emergency response.

Included in the scheme is a savings account that will cover the day-to-day medical expenses. Savings that are not used do not fall away but are added to the next year. There is also a safety net when the savings account runs dry. Chronic medicines are paid when defined.

 Health Platform and Health Saver

The Health Platform is freely available to members of this medical aid. The purpose is to make people more aware of their health. By having regular checkups, diseases are detected and diagnoses at an early stage, saving money and possibly the patient’s life. Included in the Health Platform are:

· Tests included in the prevention or early detection of diseases are mammograms, pap smears, prostate tests, DEXA scans, blood sugar tests and cholesterol tests.

· Immunisations for babies.

· The maternity program consists of scans, antenatal and pediatric visits.

· You and your family are allowed a dental checkup each year.

· The disease management programs include diseases such as hypertension, and diabetes.

 The HealthSaver complements the Health Platform by covering the day-to-day treatments by doctors and medicines that are prescribed. Emergency care, maternity and care, and accidents are the exceptions where no co-payment is required.

 Health Plans

Momentum medical aid has different health plans.

 · Ingwe Plan is the entry-level plan, and a very affordable medical aid. It contains a hospital plan with the option of the private hospitals suggested, or alternatively State hospitals at a lower monthly payment. Prime Cure, Medicross or CareCross, are the choices for the day-to-day treatment.

· Access Plan covers unlimited hospitalisation at suggested private hospitals. The choice for day-to-day treatments is the same as the Ingwe Plan, Prime Cure, Medicross or CareCross.

· Custom Plan covers hospitalisation at any private hospital. However, when you choose one of the private hospitals selected under the associated hospitals, you receive a discount on your monthly payment. The same principle applies for chronic treatments and medication. Discount is offered when medication is bought at Medipost or Atlas, and maximum discount is received when you use State facilities.

 You can request medical aid quotes to compare the different plans before you decide which Momentum medical aid plan is the right one for you and your family. © Medical Aid Plan







Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.