Medical Aid Plan - About Bonitas Medical Scheme

About Bonitas Medical Scheme

After 31 years in the medical industry, Bonitas medical scheme is one of the biggest medical aid schemes in South Africa.

Bonitas Medical SchemeBonitas strives to provide the best medical aid plan for your money and to provide excellent client services.

Bonitas provides employer related medical aid cover to a number of big companies.

Bonitas medical aid scheme offers some of these additional benefits.

  • Medical cover for a big family is very expensive so Bonitas assist you in this matter by letting you only pay for the first four children.
  • Students registered at recognised institutions pay children’s rates up to the age of 24.
  • Bonitas has more than 4500 doctors in their GP network to choose from, this is an additional benefit that will save you some extra money.
  • Excellent value for money benefits.

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Below you will find a list of the Bonitas medical aid products, with their main benefits and a start up premium included. With such a wide range of products available it is easy to see how affordable medical aid can be and what benefits and services you will receive for your money.  

Bonitas medical scheme has two hospital and five comprehensive medical aid plans to choose from.

Hospital plans:

•Bonitas BonEssential:  Premiums from R979 per month. Cover includes: Unlimited hospital cover paid at 100% of Bonitas Rates, with an unlimited overall annual limit. Chronic cover is included for 26 diseases.

Bonitas BonCap:  Premiums from R555 per month. Cover includes: Hospital cover paid at 100% of the scheme rates, chronic cover for 26 conditions and day to day cover at network partners. An overall annual limit of R600 000 is included.

Comprehensive Plans:

Bonitas Primary Comprehensive:  Premiums from R1274 per month. Cover includes: Hospital benefits, Chronic, GP, Basic dentistry and optometry benefits, and day to day benefits. An overall annual limit of R1 Million is included.

Bonitas Standard Comprehensive: Premiums from R 1973 per month. Cover includes: hospital cover, up to R3000 for GP visits, up to R3300 day to day benefits, optometry and dentistry benefits, and chronic cover for 42 chronic conditions. The cover is paid at 100% scheme rates and includes an unlimited overall annual limit.

Bonitas BonSave Plan: Premiums from R1406 per month.  Cover includes: a savings account for day to day benefits, hospital cover, chronic benefits for 26 conditions, and basic dentistry. Cover is paid at 150% of scheme rates and an unlimited overall annual limit is included.

Bonitas BonClassic Plan: Premiums from R 2268 per month. Cover includes: Physical therapy, Dentistry, Pathology, Paramedical, Radiology, Optometry, chronic cover for 37 conditions and hospital cover. Cover is paid at 100% of the scheme rates and includes an unlimited overall annual limit.

Bonitas Bon Comprehensive Plan:  Premiums from R3346 per month. Cover includes: a savings plan with above threshold benefits for day to day expenses, refractive surgery benefits, biological drug benefits, chronic cover for 53 conditions and hospital cover. The plan pays up to 300% of scheme rates and includes an unlimited overall annual limit.

It is easy to see why Bonitas Medical Scheme is so popular,  as it offers a wide range of products designed with the customer’s needs in mind. © Medical Aid Plan

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