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The Pharos Medical Aid aims to offer affordable health cover to all South Africans. They offer a variety of plans that are sure to suit any budget and individual need.


What Are The Main Benefits offered By Pharos Medical Aid?


Pharos Medical Aid PlanWhen comparing medical aid schemes, it may be a good idea to start with those general benefits that are applicable to all plans. In this way, the main benefits of Pharos could be compared with those of, say, Discovery Medical Scheme or Bonitas before starting to study individual plans on offer.Pharos Medical Aid offer two outstanding benefits not found at any other scheme:


·        This scheme provide plans that are directly related to the income of the members. Members that earn less than R7 500.00 per month can qualify for premium reductions of up to fifty percent! Dependents under the age of one year also qualify for significant reductions and the company even offer a number of completely free health management programmes.

·        All members are afforded the services of a dedicated nurse that is tasked with providing guidance, care, advice and assistance when it is needed.


What Are the Medical Cover Plans Offered By Pharos?


The scheme offers seven distinct plans, each designed to suit a unique target group.


  1. The Methcare plan offer a range of benefits that are recompensed at a rate of 80%. The plan makes provision for emergency evacuation, day-to-day medical care and all in-hospital expenses, including the cost of procedures, treatment and medicines.
  2. Members that are looking for an affordable plan that still allow them a great deal of freedom of choice will love the Footprint Comprehensive plan. It is an entry-level plan but is covers chronic medicines and many-in-hospital procedures and treatments. This includes maternity benefits and procedures such as spinal surgery and renal dialysis.
  3. The Paladin Comprehensive plan is a middle of the range option. It offers unlimited hospital cover and numerous day-to-day medical care benefits. This plan offers some additional benefits such as full oncological treatments, psychiatric consultations, treatment for trauma and shock and a variety of scans.
  4. The Rainbow Comprehensive plan also offers unlimited hospital cover but members are able to choose any private hospital of their choice. The plan also makes provision for unlimited day-to-day care and members may use the physician or specialist of their choice. Individuals that require a high level of care or that suffer from chronic conditions may find this plan to be the ideal solution to their private health insurance needs.
  5. The Rainbow Plus Plan funds day-to-day medical expenses by means of a special savings account This allow members to take control of their own medical expenses.
  6. The Active Saver Plan provides, apart from unlimited in-hospital cover, also maternity benefits that even include immunizations for the new-born baby. This plan uniquely makes provision for the treatment of sports injuries and there are substantial day-to-day medical care benefits too. In addition, members have access to preventive treatments such as flu vaccinations and birth control measures.
  7. For those that can afford only a basic entry-level plan the Footprint Primary plan would be ideal. It is a hospital plan that provides unlimited in-hospital cover and it also makes provision for the cost of chronic medication.


The Pharos Medical Aid scheme tries to make provision for every member of society and their various plans are designed to help people to afford the best possible medical care when they need it most. In many cases it is possible to upgrade to a more comprehensive plan when circumstances change. © Medical Aid Plan





Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.