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Pro Sano Medical AidThe Pro Sano medical aid became part of the Bonitas group from the beginning of 2013. They offer four major medical cover options. These options include a hospital plan that may be perfect for those that cannot afford full cover or those that are of the opinion that they are healthy, fit and young enough not to need comprehensive cover yet.


Potential members should consider a variety of factors before making a final decision about hospital cover. It is most important to be realistic about one’s needs and one’s budget.


·        Hospitalization costs can be substantial and it is vital to make sure that the plan covers all possible contingencies, emergencies and accidents. In most cases all in-hospital costs are fully covered but many plans only pay approved medical aid rates. This means that the member may be held liable for some of the cost if the approved medical rate has been exceeded. In many cases it is also necessary to obtain prior authorization for hospitalization.

·        Some plans make provision for chronic conditions too, including the medication necessary to treat those conditions.

·        In some rare cases these hospital plans can also provide cover for out-of-hospital costs.


The Pro Sano Medical Aid offers potential members four main alternatives:


  1. The BonComprehensive Plan provides comprehensive cover and is aimed at mature members that may need more thorough medical care as they grow older and as their families mature. This plan makes provision for unlimited consultations and just about every possible medical expense is covered in full. It even includes refractive surgery and ophthalmology treatments. In addition, chronic medication and treatment for chronic conditions are fully covered. Advanced dentistry treatment is also included, as are many other out-of-hospital medical expenses, including maternity care, specialized radiology treatments, the cost of prostheses and even mental health treatment plans. 
  2. The BonEssential Plan is a more basic plan that focuses mostly upon providing cover for in-hospital expenses. The number of consultations is not limited and members are empowered to consult with general practitioners, specialists and other medical practitioners. Treatments include those for oncology, including all types of cancer, radiology programs and pathology needs. Interestingly and importantly, this plan also makes provision for a variety of organ transplants.
  3. The Standard Plan includes cover for substantial in-hospital cover as well as ordinary day-to-day medical expenses. However, members are required to make use of an approved network of service providers. If they don’t they may be liable for paying a portion or even the entire bill.
  4. The BonSave Plan helps members to manage their own day-to-day medical expenses by means of a special savings plan. The funds in this medical savings plan can be used to pay for a variety of treatments, including dentistry, optometry, radiology services, pathological services and consultations with both general practitioners and medical specialists.


The Pro Sano medical aid also offers another option, called the Primary option. This is an affordable plan that offer cover to the maximum amount of one million rand. Cover includes basic dentistry, many day-to-day medical expenses, some chronic conditions and access to the general practitioner network.


Most medical aids try to offer potential members a selection of plans that will suit their needs and their budgets. The Pro Sano medical aid, in association with Bonitas, has been in business for a long time. They enjoy an excellent reputation and they pride themselves on providing their members with the most affordable medical cover. © Medical Aid Plan



Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.